Services provided

We provide In-Home Veterinary Care for: Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Goats, some Exotics/ Pocket pets.

Services include, but are not limited to:

*Comprehensive Exams-well pet/sick pet

*Diagnosis and treatment skin,eye, ear, nose,urinary tract, arthritis,wounds, general illness and many other conditions.

*Laboratory diagnostics- Blood,urine, fecals, histopathology, culture and sensitivities. All samples are submitted to a major veterinary lab (Antech Diagnostics). In-home microscopic exams and skin scrapings.

*Humane euthanasia at home-sedation (if necessary), we handle remains and provide cremation service (if requested).

*Vaccination and Deworming

*Flea treatment

*Wound care

*Minor surgery

*Toenail trims /Medical grooms

*Geriatric/Arthritis work-ups

*Dietary recommendations


*Oral/Dental care

We Bring the Pharmacy to you!  Most medications carried on truck!

Please be advised: Not all situations can be treated at home. Surgery, X-rays, Intensive Care and Advanced medical procedures may require a Veterinary Hospital visit.