About Us

cocker1.png  Since a young age, Dr. Lebovic has dedicated his life and time to working with and helping animals.  As a teen he volunteered and worked for local veterinary hospitals and shelters and attended John Bowne High schools unique Veterinary/Agricultural program. This program provided an opportunity to spend three summers on rural family farms. His experiences gave him a great respect for hard work, patience, and most of all  a love and respect for ALL animals.

Dr. Lebovic went on to earn a bachelor degree from Cornell University. In  1990, he graduated with a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee. After four years in private practice, Dr. Lebovic started the only full-time veterinary housecall service in San Bernardino County.

Dr. Lebovic now has over 34 years of clinical experience,including 30 years making housecalls.  Bringing QUALITY veterinary care into your home has always been a priority.

In the twenty plus years of making HOUSECALLS , Dr. Lebovic has learned that in addition to providing good medicine, a conscientious veterinarian must also:

*Have PATIENCE and know how to handle difficult circumstances calmly.

*Spend time to COMMUNICATE and discuss your pets health. This is every bit as important as the diagnosis and treatment itself.

*Recognize that EACH PET AND PET OWNER IS UNIQUE. Treatments must be tailored based upon your pets needs and personality and your ability to help your pet.

*Find solutions to your pet's problems, which often requires practical and pragmatic approaches. Aggressive or ferrel pets may not be candidates for hospitalization. Expensive, advanced work-up may not be in everyone's budget.

*BE RESPECTFUL of owners opinions and wishes.

*Explain the need for service, treatment, and/or medication and then let YOU make YOUR OWN well informed decision.  Marketing and selling ARE NOT a part of this practice.

* HONESTY, RESPECT and A COURTEOUS APPROACH. Goes a long way in establishing a good, long term doctor-client relationship.